Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snowmen n Scallops! oh my.....

This week at Creative Clear Stamps, we've been challenged to do a card with scallops! simple n easy!  but wait, one of our DT Members saw "scallops" in a turkey's tail....feathers! ... ok, the challenge bar was to think "outside the box" and see some scallops! (of course one DT Member has the cutest turkey with a "fro"...but that's another story!!) back to my scallops! looked at my stamp set...(the Let It Snow set).....and looked....and looked...couldn't see a scallop............

so I just decided that everything I did on this card was going to be done with scallops! AND I wanted to share two different applications for snow...did you know that Puffy Paint would do the exact same thing as Liquid did!!!!  wellllll, did you know that Liquid Applique would do the exact same thing then as Puffy Paint...hahahahaha  (hey all... it's like 12:45am now .. and I worked all day..)  SOOOO, if you did already know this...then stop reading and just scroll down to the finished card  LOL

so here goes - these are the two products I use to create snow

first, I'm applying the little teeny tube!

then heat set, you will see it rise!! keep the heat gun moving and don't get too close...we dont want burned snow...or yellow snow..even worse  LOL

next, I'm applying the big bottle so you can see the difference...makes beautiful snow!

heat set this one also, and do you think!

there you go - both produce snow!!!

now here is my finished card

added glitter n stickles n sentiment
"Let it Snow"

hope this tutorial was helpful to someone!

Now show us YOUR scallops and enter the challenge!

have a blessed day,


  1. Love this Linda! You took the challenge to a whole other level :o) Great job and still waiting on an explanation of yellow snow, LOL! :oP

  2. Ahhh so darn cute!!! You could have titled this one Covered In Snow! Great idea with this weeks challenge Linda! I still have to do mine.

  3. Very cute Linda! Those snowmen are too cute!

  4. This is uper cool! Kinda like how I did my apple pie card!


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