Friday, November 6, 2009

my sad sad sad card for the clear challenge!

Heeellllpppppp!!! I have just wasted an entire evening trying to work with CLEAR Cardstock!! ok, and now I officially hate that stuff! Used all but one sheet and this is the only card I came up with that... didn't smear, folded straight, i was able to peel the cover film off without messing up the corners, got the inside card in almost straight, used Stazon, tried to emboss (how dumb was that!!! don't even ask!!)....this stuff is a night mare!!! now I'm sure its "operator error" if anyone can point me in the direction of a good toot...would be greatly appreciated.

so how sad is this poor pathetic has killed my mojo (hopefully just for tonight LOL)....did I say I hate this stuff!!!! It's not blurry, that's just the shadow..I tried to show that its clear cardstock....did I say I hate that stuff!!! sorry, Creative Clear Stamps..this is my "clear" card for this week's challenge...did I say? got it!
so a double post today to make up for my needed help with the "above" stuff....ROFLOL!!! whew..

now this one is more my style (big smile here)...embossed the sentiment and mounted on nesties! a CAS card for sure!
Have a blessed weekend,
See you next week..will be watching for help on how to work with that clear cardstock!



  1. Oh you poor thing! I am still trying to figure out something clear too for the challenge. Glad to see your MoJo is back! :)

  2. You crack me up GF! So glad I didn't try to work with the stuff! LOL!

  3. I don't blame your feelings.....Stamping on clear, shiny surfaces can be a CAN heat set but it has to be way further away then when you heat set paper....otherwise you could start yourself on fire and I don't think Laura wants her DT going up in smoke :)

  4. Linda...okay, I don't like that clear stuff either :o) I like the idea of your card but LOVE your second card! That is so YOU! Great job my friend and hope you find out how to work with this stuff so you can teach me, LOL!

  5. I've been practicing on the acetate sheets that come on some of the packaging I get, but haven't had huge success either. I found the white ink easier than black to stamp for some reason...who knows. Regardless, at least you're giving it a try, and that's all that matters. Try starting with something small like a tag or a window with minimal stamping on it. The best trick I found is to be gentle. Pushing down too hard makes you slide. Also, the clear stuff seems to stick when stamping it, so peel it carefully from the stamp rather than peeling the stamp off of it.


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