Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All About my 3 Brand New Releases

Happy Holidays everyone!

What will you be doing Xmas Eve? I will be playing with my THREE NEW RELEASES!!
The samples are supposed to be here Thursday morning at the very latest!! I cannot wait!!!

While I won't show you the new sets just yet, I will give you a little tease on their the themes.

Here's the story: This year we have lost 7 people in our lives, since June. My grandfather, my aunt, 2 friends, my mother-in-law, 2 cousins, and now my grandmother isn't expected to make through Christmas. Whewwww, it sure has been a sad year for my family.

With all these deaths heavy on my mind, I decided to create 2 Sympathy sets. I am straying away from designing anything silly and sassy for right now.

"Arms of Jesus" is the first sympathy set. I am dedicating it to and in honor of my mother in law. This set took me weeks to develop, because I couldn't get through the whole thing without crying. Can't design, when you can't see the computer screen. This was the hardest set to design out of the three. I wanted to capture exactly how I felt the weeks leading up to and following her passing. My new signature character "Hunny" is featured in this set. My new Illustrator is WONDERFUL!! The images are so sweet! This set has an image to color, and some sayings that will tug on your heart strings - especially for those with family struggling with serious illness.

"A time for Prayer" is the second sympathy set. This set features "Hunny" again, but she has a little friend with her. There is something to color, and heartfelt sentiments for expressing your sympathy.

"Hello Hunny" is the third and final set from this release. It is a friendship set, featuring "Winter Time Hunny" and a friend. There are some swirly sentiments and graphics in this one. I think you will all enjoy this one, is very sweet.

So there you go. I am hoping to release these the first week of January! Stay tuned, I might have a surprise for you this weekend!

Have a Wonderful Christmas everyone!



  1. well I'm sorry about you having such a bad sad year, hang in there. But you have me wanting all 3 new sets LOL. Can't wait to see them!

  2. I am so sorry for your losses..... sometimes life is just hard. Just know the good Lord never gives you more than you can handle.I'm excited about your new sets, can't wait! May the good Lord bless you and yours.

  3. Laura,
    These sets sound just beautiful and so sorry for your losses this year. Parting brings about such sorrow, but joy does come in the morning and thankfully you have memories of better days and moments! Looking forward to seeing more and hopefully a sneak peek on a card ....:o)))) Maybe?????


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