Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update On Computer Crash

My "NEW BABY" is on her way!! We had to have her built, because we couldn't find one with enough good reviews to handle the graphics I need it too. But WOOHOO one problem down - two to go.

I am waiting for the new software to arrive - had to buy Adobe CS4. That should be here sometime late next week. Then we will be 2 down- one to go.

Finally, I should have the files fixed for the new release a couple days after that. Then wait for samples (I always use everyone of them to make sure they stamp okay), then send them off to the printer - and hopefully I can release the new sets mid January. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!



  1. Jennie your card is beautiful! I love the sentiment! You will look back fondly and LOL over your kids little mishaps!

  2. Laura, so glad a new one is on the way. YAY, you will be rolling soon :o) Looking forward to seeing the sneak peeks my friend!


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