Monday, January 4, 2010

A little bit of everything...

Hellllooooo (echo...echoooo) sure is quiet around here without my DT girls!! (sniff, pout)

Winner of CCS13 - Creative Favorite was # 2 Papercraft Vixxen. Thanks for playing along on our last weekly challenge (at least for awhile). Please contact Laura at to claim your prize.

Saying goodbye is hard to do...especially when you LOSE your photo files! I wanted to share with everyone my favorite projects created by each member of DT2 - but forgot that I saved them to my laptop - which as we all know is currently taking a dirt nap.
Needless to say, I can't share photos of what I don't have. :(

I do want to thank DT2: Jennie, Linda, Lisa, Shelly and Rebecca for all their hard work over the last 3 months. Each member brought something special to the table, and I am going to miss seeing their wonderful creations each week.

An extra thank you to Jennie and Lisa for stepping up and taking on a little more than just a membership. These girls worked hard to make sure we got to see a little something from everyone each week, a well as new and creative weekly challenges.

I am going to miss you guys!!!!


The new computer should be here tomorrow!!! Still waiting on software to arrive.


  1. Hey Laura, sure hope your computer issues completely resolve soon :o) Looking forward to what you have coming in the future!

  2. hi there, at least when you can get back online the pics will be in our yahoo n sound for you!!! looking forward to new stuff coming!!

  3. Laura...where the heck are you? That new computer giving you problems? Computers are a blessing and a curse.

  4. Sad to see the DT gradtuate on to new things however, I would LOVE to apply to be on your new DT. Did I miss the call? My blog is:

    You have great stamps. I have just recently stumbled onto your product and it was love at 1st sight!


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