Monday, April 12, 2010

Wahooie time for another tutorial :)

happy monday! Shelly again and  it's my turn to show you a tutorial. My project is a matchbox dresser. Lauras stamp set actually  inspired me to make this and call it a prayer box. 

ooh ive never done a tutorial before  before so im sooooo nervous about making this sound and look  as easy as it really is! please bear with me and if you have any questions be sure to ask :)
first for your supplies you will need:

24 small matchboxes (empty) ( if you own a cricut machine and tagsbagsboxes and more cartridge you can cut these but thats really time me!)
12X12 patterned paper ( plus i used some coordinating12X12 strips)
2 (two)  ~ 4X4 square coasters or thick cardboard
small hole punch
ribbon, brads, embellishments ( stamps etc) i used lauras awesome  creative visions clear stamps on mine
glue/wet adhesive
strong adhesive tape
acrylic paint

now for the steps and pics 
1) take your  matchbox inserts/drawers and paint them with acrylic paint.. you can paint the insides i didnt mine. 
while thats drying ( it doesnt take very long) 
2) cut coordinating paper to cover the sides of the box. mine are cut at just over 2 inchesXjust over 1~1/2 inches.  you will have 8 of these .once you adhere them you can trim them.if youre going to use stamps for embellishing and distress the edges with chalk or ink like i did  then do that now.
 3) cover your two 4X4 squares with paper. be sure to cut this big enough as you want to fold the paper and adhere under  the top and bottom.
4) now for the insides of the drawers i added liners. this is up to you but i like the look. what i did was cut a 12X12 coordinating paper and cut that into 4 (four) 1~1/4 inch strips. then cut those at 2 inches, you will get 6 liner drawers per strip. using a bit of glue /wet adhesive adhere the liners to the inside of the drawers. again i just like the polished look of this .
5) take your hole punch and center it at the front and center of the drawers and punch .then take your ribbon and a brad and attach them . this will serve as your drawer pulls. HINT: i punched a hole through my ribbon with the hole punch before sticking the brad through.  they should look like this:
6) assemble your box:
stack 3 atop each other making sure to use a good strong tape. you will have 8 stacks of 3 . this is what it will look like.

7) adhere your papers to the 4 sides of your matchboxes.  ( undrawer sides that will be on the outside of the box) its better to just show you how that will look than try to explain. there is a diagram under the 5 pics you'll see.  ( im a visual person not an explainer sorry :) the embellies were put on after my box was put together. i also inked a bit of the sides and fronts of the boxes because i used white paint . i also inked  the front of the drawers because i did not use paint on them.
the sentiment i used on this side is from a time for prayer set.

this sentiment is from the single believe the star is cut from my cricut and home decor cartridge. butterflies are martha stewart punch

on this side hope and the bird were also cut from my cricut and home decor cartridge

and on this side again i used my cricut and home decor cartridge and added basic grey opaline pearls.

 i sure hope your undertaning the placement heres a diagram view

 heres another view that should help

 8) now add your adhesive tape to the bottoms of your drawer sets and adhere 4 sets to  the bottom 4X4 square (finished side up)  then the other 4 atop those boxes. again make sure they are positioned correctly before taping them.  adhere your other 4X4 square finished side up. i added some  lace  all the way around mine before adhering.   now slide your drawers in.
 this is what it will look  like from the top view

9) last step!  embellish the top of your box. i used 2 more stamps from a time for prayer ( sentiment and flowers).

i  know this may look or sound intimidating  to make but i promise it really is easy! and oh my it makes a beautiful gift dontcha think! :)
thanks so much for taking the time with my tutorial today i hope i didnt scare you away lol happy crafting!! shelly


  1. Goodness Shelly, this os so awesome! I just have to try this one. TFS! Great tutorial!

  2. GOODNESS! This is just stunning girl! and you did a super tutorial!

  3. This is one fantastic tutorial Shelly!
    Love the colors and those itty bitty drawers are too much!

  4. WOW, what a wonderful prayer box!! I want to make one and take it up to the local hospice center. How wonderful would that be for the families waiting there?? SUPER tutorial Shelly!

  5. Awesome......I think I will have to try this now with your easy tutorial....thank you

  6. Well, this is just awesome! Great job!

  7. what a totally awesome project! love it!

  8. WOWZERS!!! This is fabulous! You are so very creative :o)


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