Monday, May 17, 2010

A Tutorial by Jenny

Good Morning to all you CCS fans!

Today I am going to show you a very simple technique using these basic supplies and a Cuddlebug or similiar crafty machine.


Any Provo Craft Folder
Washable Ink Pads
Cardstock (I used Gina K. Pure Luxury - White)
Your fave CCS Stamp(s)

First cut your card stock to fit the Provo Folder.
Next take your ink pad and run it over the textured part of the inside of the folder like so:

Gently place your cardstock in the folder.
Now run it through your Cuddlbug with the "A"
plate on the bottom, then a "B", inked folder with cardstock inside,
and a "B" plate to top off your sandwich :)
(don't worry the ink will easily wash off the folder with water)

Open up the folder and your cardstock stock should
look similiar to this:

The square on the right was done using this technique.  The square on the left was created by running your ink pad on the flat side of the folder - giving you a different look - purely your preference.

This is what I created with 2 inch squares using this technique:

Quilted cards are quite trendy right now - 
so by choosing several colors for my squares
and masking the green square for my sentiment -
then popping it up on dimensionals -
I made a funky quilted friend card.

Thanks for letting me share with you today!

I'll be back on Wednesday with my final post.



  1. gorgeous effect! I'll have to give this s try for sure.........

  2. I love QUILTING!! How cool this that??? Hmmm now you have my brain spinning. Great Job with this Jenny!

  3. I've tried this before but it's never turned out as well as this card has. I'll have to keep trying it. Great job!

  4. i also have never gotten mine to turn out as good as this, will give it another try as i love the way yours turned out. what a fab card!!

  5. fun tutorial jen! never though to use this method on quilt cards..thanks for the idea! wonderful colors:) xx shelly

  6. WOWZERS! This is awesome Jenny! Must go try it right now!!!


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