Saturday, June 26, 2010

GREAT use for your scraps!!!

Good Saturday Morning!

I have a really quick and easy tutorial today on how to use up your scraps, and make so cute gifties and party favors!

I made these binder clips a couple of years ago for our place cards at Thanksgiving, then everyone had one to take home with them (Of course it was not a HIPPO! ***laughs***) I actually made these for my sister's little girls, for a very small birthday party she is having for the 8 year old. But you can make anything with these!!! They are going to take digital pictures when the kids arrive with the birthday girl and print them, then place them on the table as place setting...then they can take them home with a bag of goodies!!!

The other is a simple clothes pin, cut your paper and embellish as you wish! I added a magnet strip (I always recycle my old ones...) to use on the makes a great added extra to a gift set, or your can make a whole set for someone!!!

Hope you enjoy go use up those scraps! (***wink***)

Here are the supplies I used today:
Redline tape
recycled magnet
clothes pin
scrap paper
Binder Clip (You can really use any size, but this one is medium size)
embellishments and bling!

It is very easy to do these, basically you trace around either the binder bottom or the clothes pin, cut it our, place your redline tape, peel backing, and place your embellishment or paper...and decorate! Fun stuff...FYI, the clothes pins make great CHIP clips too..(But less embellishments as they won't hold up well as a chip clip but very cute covered with paper! :-)



  1. i LOVE the hippo pic holder :) fab idea thanks!!

  2. Great tutorial...can't wait to try these.

  3. This is a FAB idea!! I am gonna try this!!


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