Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Tuesday and why not make it a treat day with Creative Clear Stamps???  I made this little "container" to give my daughter a small treat one day and told her... "don't eat them all until I take a picture of it... " well.... that didn't work. LOL  So, I put a few little "crafting" treats inside for the photo. *smile*

My little "container" is totally made by just folding a 12" X 12" piece of designer paper that is printed on both sides.  I used the "'Mother Bear Clear Rubber Stamp Set" and stamped my adorable bears in two different shades of brown then cut them out and mounted them to the front.  I used the "Make a Wish" set for my sentiment.

A few flowers and a bit of bling and you have a cute way to give a treat to your kids or... to send with your kids on treat day at school!!

This could easily have had a ribbon attached to the top and been used as a "May Day" basket.  My kids still love giving those to neighbors.

Just as a thought... I made about 25 of these last year for a craft fair and filled them with a pack of microwave oven popcorn and two envelopes of cappuccino.  The first lady that came by bought ALL of them!!!  I have no clue what she was doing with them , but I sure wish I had made more! LOL

Have a great day!! *smile*



  1. yes great project! awesome for craft fairs too!!

  2. Super project! My son would have eaten all of his treats too! LOL Thanks for sharing!


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