Friday, August 27, 2010


I don't suppose many of us go to or have parties for those who are recently divorced, right??? Well... what if you did... what if your friend was THRILLED to be single again?  Hee Hee  I say... get her a great fun gift and add a little whimsy with a "Congratulations" tag!!

My stamps are from Creative Clear Rubber Stamps and the set is called... what else, "Officially Single"!

I really tried to "bling" this tag up with some glittery card stock and as many rhinestones as I thought one tag could hold.  I mean come on.. THIS is a celebration tag!  *smile*

Can you read the tag??? I can't! I am having issues with my eyes and not sure if the printed sentiment can be read well.  It seemed fine at the time I stamped it but now that I am struggling to read, I'm not sure.  Either way... the sentiment reads... "I took the liberty of writing your next personal add.... Wanted, exact opposite of the last Loser!". Gotta love it! Ha Ha

I can certainly see a "girls night out" with gifts in hand to celebrate someone who is thrilled to be rid of her "loser". Ha!  And, of course, mine would have a tag with bling to help keep the celebration fun!

Have a great day and by the way... I wish you all good, long, happy marriages!  *smile*



  1. I love this!! I have bought a 'happy divorce' postcard before! Great idea :)

    Leanne x

  2. great tag...this was the 1st set I bought from CCS and the one that made me fall in love with the stamps as well. LOVE IT!!

  3. LOL! Love the sentiment! I think I'll keep my hubby though! :P


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