Sunday, December 19, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - Grinch Spotted

This just in: Grinch Spotted at Whoville house #8 Patti J
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Thank you Patti for helping locate the GRINCH! I see he left behind a Sentiment Single (of your choice) from the CCS store. Please email me, Laura Lou Who at with your mailing address, and selection. Your prize will be mailed after the game ends next week.

MORE BREAKING NEWS - our following count has increased by 10 people,
so the final prize value has been officially increased!
When the count reaches 139, the final prize will increase again!

STAY TUNED as we continue to watch for more sightings!

for grinch game rules and to register
if you have not already.


  1. Wahoo!!!! I absolutely LOVE your singles stamps!!! I'm off to shop - so glad I could help track that silly old grinch down!!! Wonder where he's headed next? Thanks so much for the fun and the prize!

  2. =) Well done, Patti!!
    Heehee, he's headed over to me, lol! =D
    Congratulations once again Patti.
    Sarah xx

  3. OH what fun that Grinch is having!!! He's making a list...and checking it twice!!!!!

  4. WOO HOO! Great job on finding the Grinch Patty!

  5. Great job on finding the Grinch Patti!!!

  6. woooooo hooooo way to go Patti (-:


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