Monday, January 10, 2011

20 White Boxes and my scrap pile

Good Morning Stampers!
 Are we ready for Monday to begin?
Today I am sharing a new project with you.

Last year at one of the craft fairs I was a vendor at, a woman was giving away these white plain jewelry boxes from her booth. She had gotten them free. I took about 20 of them (and that did not make a dent in the amount she had there) and thought someday they could come in handy for a paper crafting project. 
I know I have been saying this over and over, but I have been determined NOT to use any more new designer paper until I use up those big pieces in my scrap pile. For this entire project, I am happy to say I followed my rule!

I cut 4 strips that were 7x2 and 4 strips that were 7x1

With my glue runner, I adhered the designer paper to each side of the box -
inside and out, top and bottom

I did this over and over until I worked through all 20 boxes.
Here are some of them. Look how much great paper
I did not have to toss away.
I think the most time I spent on this project was actually on
finding pieces big enough to cover the boxes.

I thought these little boxes would be great "quickie" gifts.
My kids are always coming home needing a little
something for so and so, or a teacher, or whatever.
Right now the boxes are empty. But I did start making a few tags for them,
based on the DP I had used on each different box.
The blue tag shown above is stamped with a
stamp from "Hip Hip Hooray.

Inside of the one I am sharing today are Hershey Nuggets.
I found ribbon to match the DP then wrapped each one with it.
I also covered it with clear craft plastic, for looks.
I thought these would be perfect for my FIL who is doing
a ton of mission work this year. He will be traveling all over the country
helping rebuild homes for those that need it the most. He leaves on Saturday.

Here is a close up of the tag.
The stamp sentiment on this one is from "Time for Prayer".
I also used a graphic from that set as well,
which makes a cute little border don't you think?

I hope you enjoyed my stamp project today!


  1. Oh my gosh, Laura - these are fabulous!!! What a great 'bargain' you got in those boxes! Your labels are beautiful, dear friend - great job!!!

  2. Adorable boxes! What a great gift!


  3. These are just wonderful!! Good thinking to grab those freebies!!

  4. what a fantastic gift these make!!! good for you using scraps :)

  5. These boxes are adorable. Sure wish I could think of great things like this when I see things give away. Great gift idea and I do have some card size boxes that could use some help. Thanks for the idea.


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