Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Visitor Makes Big Mess

Good Morning Stampers!

Yesterday I had a cute little visitor who helped me create this card. We sure worked hard on this one! It took 3 pieces of chocolate to get it right, but we did it! Whewwwww...

Did I mention he found my chocolate stash? How do these kids do it?? Half the time I can't remember where I hide them. Can you see the chocolate around his mouth? HA! Don't tell his mother, cause I won't. I'll be like "Hyper? Why is he hyper? I didn't give him any candy or anything. Hmmm weird"

Together we somehow managed to make a complete disaster in the studio. Markers, ribbon, and glue everywhere! But it was worth it, for sure! He is super sweet and give the best hugs!

My visitor and nephew Zachary

Have a greattttt day everyone!


  1. How adorable! I'm sure he enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed his company!!

  2. What a cutie..the nephew that is! And the card is cute too.

  3. what a sweetie pie!! sounds like a super fun day :) and you created a wonderful card also :)

  4. What fun! The card turned out adorable! Love the chocolate smile!



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