Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saving Space, Stamp Storage Solution

GOOOD Morning Stampers!
Everyone grab a cup of coffee and pull up a seat!
Today I am sharing a couple of things with you.

First a card using my "Hello Hunny" set. I actually use this set a lot. It is a really cute friendship set. Most of all I love how clear the stamp impressions are with it. I always get a clean crisp image no matter the brand of ink I use, which is great since I have just about every brand out there in my supply cabinet.

Did you notice I used a new CB folder again?
OMGosh I love those darn folders!
 Especially cause they were on sale!
I also used my new stash of Stampin Up card stock. Back in November I was a vendor at a craft show, where the organizer placed my booth right next to a Stampin Up demo lady. I walked over by her and placed an order for paper and a couple of punches. Found out she lives right across the street from me! Small world! We chatted about products, projects, and of course stamps! It was really cool!

 I have heard good things about Stampin Up paper, but Wow is that Whisper White awesome to work with when coloring! My copics don't leak threw the lines on that paper, SOOO nice! Well worth the price!

Now let's chat about stamp storage.

I know I am not alone when I say I struggle with storage and organization in my studio.  I want to share this new idea I had, that works great and runs circles around anything else I have tried. It is so simple of an idea, I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

TA DA .....  A PHOTO album! 

a normal photo album

It is a normal photo album - this is rocket science people! Each of the pockets inside the album measure 4x6 or 6x4. Do you know what else is that size? Creative Vision stamp sets! All my stamps fit perfectly inside those pockets!

I can see each set clear as a bell. Another great thing about an album is that because I can see each set, I can also see when I am missing a stamp out of a set. (which happens a lot - I'm not messy, I'm creative) So clean up is much quicker, and much more organized.
It holds up to 5 of my stamp sets on one page!
This whole album fits perfectly on my desk. No more shelves and shelves full of clear storage boxes. My studio looks so much cleaner, and I have a lot more room to work with on important stuff, like stamping!

It hold all my sentiment singles too
(although some tend to slip out easy on the ends).

And here are my sentiment singles.

Over all I love this stamp storage solution!
What is your stamp storage solution? Share what works for you, I'd love more ideas!
Later gaters.... 


  1. super cute card and a fantastic stamp storage idea :)

  2. Great idea to use. I too have some of my stamps stored in a notebook and the photo sleeves. All my unmounted stamps are in notebook binders ...Santa brought me more binders Christams.


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