Monday, January 16, 2012

Goodbye sun and warmth, hello cold snow!

Good morning stampers!
We arrived safely back home from New Zealand Saturday night. Our total travel time home was just under 48 hours, and we are all suffering from a bad case of jet lag.

It is Monday morning and back to work for me...BOOOOO!
Before I start posting any projects, here are some vacation photos from the most beautiful place on earth.

  This is my Nana Pam and my Nana Jean.
 I cried so hard leaving them, I couldn't even spit out the words I love you.
 Don't know if I will ever get to see them again.
 These crabs were hiding in the rocks along the beach. There were tons of them.
 This little blue penguin was found sitting on a rock ledge close to the beach.
We are not sure if he was hurt or sick, poor little thing.
 My kids taking a turn feeding the lambs. Alicia wanted to take it home, lol.

 My cousin's current garden. Jealous?? I am!

I'll be back in my studio soon, creating some new inspiration just for you!


  1. Great pictures Laura!! Looks you like you had a great time!

  2. i love these pictures - what gorgeous blue water!!!
    cant imagine how much you hated to leave :(


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