Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Good Morning Whoville Stampers!

At 4am this morning Whoville Police received a frantic 111 call from LauraLou Who, reporting a break-in at her studio. "I heard some strange grunting and groaning after a loud crashing noise coming from my art studio. I jumped from my bed and ran to see THE GRINCH stealing everything in sight. We locked eyes for a brief moment, then he grinned an evil grin and out the broken window he flew. The destruction in my studio is heart-breaking. He took everything - stamps, tools, markers, embellishments and more."
Whoville Police will be taking applications to hire as many Honorary Deputy Patrol Officers as possible, starting December 1st. All Whoville residents are encouraged to apply.
Together we can catch the GRINCH and return LauraLou Who's studio back to normal.
Until then......lock your doors, and watch for the GRINCH!

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