Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lots and Loads of Changes for Creative Vision

Hello Stampers!

Pull up a chair and grab your coffee, we need to have a little chat.

I am not even sure where to begin, there is so much to tell you.

Well let's start with this, SHOCKER #1 there will be no more clear stamps from me.

We are moving to Cling Red Rubber. The manufacturer of our clear stamps has let us down time and time again in the quality of the stamps. Our orders were screwed up, forcing us to constantly be out of stock on many of our best selling stamps. Last year they were sold to new owners, and after almost a year of complaints and returns (from us) we had to end our business relationship with them.

We tried other companies, but didn't feel we were getting what we needed. And that is why we have decided to change from clear to cling red rubber. We found a great new stamp manufacturer (an American based company) who will be pressing all our stamps for us. They have faster production times, which means once everything is switched over we should be able to keep everything in stock at all times.

Here is shocker #2: all the cutting and packaging of the stamps will be done in house HERE. My husband is putting the finishing touches on the remodel of our 100 year old barn. We poured concrete, stuffed insulation, and got chased away by nesting barn swallows for this project - but it will be worth it.

The first shipment of rubber stamps is scheduled to arrive this week. Which means Ron needs to step up that remodel and slap the last coat of paint on. There are still work tables and new equipment to assemble.

SHOCKER #3 I am closing the online store to retail customers effective June 1. Since Notions Marketing picked up our line last summer, most of my day is consumed with their orders. Add the other stores that sell our stamps and I have a pretty full day.

There are quite a few stores that carry my line now. If you Google my stamps a whole list of different places to purchase them pops up. Plus they are available on eBay, Amazon, and more. While our wholesale sales have gone up, our online retail sales have gone down - simply because I am not the only one that sells them anymore. I don't need to compete with my wholesale customers, so we are pulling out of the online retail arena.

Our website will remain as an informational tool for our customers. You will still be able to see new releases, our show schedule, samples and more. We will be adding a list of stores that carry our stamps, so you know where you can get them. PLUS we are doing more shows in more states. You can find our entire line at any one of the shows on our schedule.

My online store will no longer process sales effective June 1st. Here is a 50% off code to use on your last online store purchase. This code is just for you, my blog followers. Enter REDRUBBER when you checkout.

I think that is enough shocking news for one day, I'll have some more for you soon enough.

Have a Creative Day!

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