Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slipping in under the wire...

So normally I've been splitting my projects into separate posts -- gotta provide some excitement for you all right? :D Unfortunately for you all, I've been running around like a chicken w/o a head.

So we're gonna cram a bunch of projects in this post and a post tomorrow. Sorry kiddos! On another note, I do have two projects for next month all ready since I'll be on a business trip for most of August. So those will be scheduled in for your viewing excitement.

Shall we begin?

Ok, so aside from candy treats, I figured we'd make one a little more friendly on the teeth. ;-) When we were younger, my mom would pass out bookmarks for Halloween... and I used to wonder why no one ever came to our house... Yeah... But these are so much cuter and I'm sure they'll make my house this year a real treat. ;-) Ok... I won't be too mean - we'll throw some candy with it as well!

This is a fun little bookmark made with both the Gone Fishing set and the Pattern Alphabet set. The text background is just from an old book I found laying around. Who wouldn't want to crack open a book just to see this cutie patootie worm? ;-)

These are just some mini cards I whipped up with the Get Well Set. Mini cards are great for attaching to some flowers from your garden, some homemade goodies, etc. They're also perfect for those just because cards. And cos they're so small, they're a lot quicker to whip up when you're busy!


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