Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello my name is Laura, and I am a DP addict......

Good morning stampers! How are my crafty friends today? It sure is warm in Wisconsin, almost 50 degrees this morning! Spring is around the corner - wooohoooo! I even saw my first Robin yesterday, that is very exciting!

I love DP Paper! Everytime I go to the craft store, somehow my cart wheels itself over to the DP section. This weekend, as I filled my cart with cute, cute, cute paper - my daughter says "Mom, I love you but you do have a problem." I simply cannot help myself! I found this pink DP and I love it! If anyone saw my paper storage their mouth would drop. DON'T tell my hubby! lol
I created this card with my "Arms of Jesus" sympathy set. I love combining pink, black, and white. I changed Hunny to a black bear (normally I color her brown) to match the card. I am loving those cropic markers! I am getting better with my coloring, thanks to some tutorials I found on youtube.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather!


  1. fabulous card! lovely paper. i may have just had to fight you for it if we met in the aisle - lol! just kidding!

  2. I have that paper! I love copics even though I really don't color all that well. I think I'm a bit too impatient! LOL

  3. Like you I have enough dp to start my own store. LOL, I think it's a law you have to get more paper! Your card is fantastic!

  4. So cute ... I too could start a dp store!

  5. Love this paper. I have some of it myself. Can't get enough paper. adorable card too.

  6. I am a paper addict myself...oh and let me see....ribbon...chipboard...brads....sigh...
    the list goes on... - love your bear in black!

  7. tooo funny! I refuse to admit addiction LOL...I am just a "needy" buyer (heeeheeeheeee)

  8. Yep, add me to the list...I just saw more I need to order... AND Linda..YOU are addicted to dp :o) Cute card Laura and love the way you colored the bear!


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