Monday, April 11, 2011

"Bunny Hop" game begins NOW

I invited Mr. Bunny to spend all this week at the Creative Vision studio. He wanted to show me his latest creation - magical prize eggs.  These eggs look like regular easter eggs, and are VERY special. Each egg holds a different valuable prize. There are gift certificates, guest designer spots, card making supplies, stamps, and much much more.

But when he arrived to my studio his BASKET was EMPTY! Mr. Bunny did not realize that there was a hole in the bottom of the basket, and that all his eggs had fallen out on his way here! Just look at all the eggs he lost!

As you can imagine, we are so upset! How will we ever find all this eggs, and more importantly find them before they spoil! If they spoil, the magic no longer works - and the prize inside turns to dust!

I am asking for the help of all my blog followers to find these eggs before they spoil and the prizes turn to dust!

***Here is what you need to do to help us***
find those prize eggs!
1. Become a blog follower if you are not already. (that means you have a blogger blog and can follow us- you must be a blog follower to win prizes)

2. Copy and Paste Post the Bunny Hop Game Banner to the sidebar of your paper crafting blog - then link it back to us (here is the link to copy and the game using the Mr. Linky tool set up at the bottom of this post. This link must remain on the sidebar of your blog until the end of the game. If the link is missing from your blog at anytime after you origianlly link it- you will not be able to win prizes. Once you link to the game, please post a note in the comments area of this post - so that we can verify your entry to the game.

 3. For every 5 new links created for the game, ONE egg will be found. (that means your chance of winning a prize egg is 1 in 5). The more players we have, the more eggs than can be found. YOU can only link your blog ONCE, sorry no duplicate blog links. Every good egg will have ONE winner.

4. Drawings for winning eggs will be done once every 5th new link has been verified. IF a link has been removed before the end of the game, the previous winning egg will spoil. DON'T remove the links, so none of the eggs spoil!

5. HOP with our design team on Saturday April 16th (blog hop) for a special event and get the chance to save some spoiled prize eggs!!

6. There is no limit to the amount of eggs we can find. Remember, for every 5 NEW LINKS created back to the game, ONE egg will be found.

7. ALL WINNERS announced on Sunday April 17th, right here on the blog.



  1. I think I have linked up correctly, at least I hope so. Sounds like a lot of fun helping the bunny find all his eggs. Hoping no eggs spoil.

  2. I have linked you to my sidebar! I love hunting eggs...hope I find one with something good in it! :P


  3. I have linked you to my blog sidebar!!!

  4. I screwed up the linky and put my name as Bunny blog hop instead of Sam!!! I'm such a goob!!! But I'm here!!!

  5. This seems like a lot of fun! Can't wait to get hoppin'! ;)

  6. I have your blinkie on my side bar. What a fun game!

  7. YEA!!! How fun and exciting is this!!!

  8. Count me in! I have my Easter basket ready.

  9. P.S. I'm not sure how I missed the new challenge blog...Totally playing this Saturday!

  10. ---->SAM please be sure to add the banner, not just a text link - or I can't verify you, sorry :(

  11. I added the banner but filled out the entry form wrong :( I'm having a Monday!! LOL!!!

  12. I've never played this kind of blog game before and I think it is a really neat idea. What fun!

  13. Can you undo my entry so I can put my blog address. sorry..


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