Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Fart

Ooops.... I meant BOOK MARK.  That's my Creative Project for today, which you can say is sorta spunky.  Well, the sentiment I used is out of the norm - one of the things I like about Creative Clear Stamps.  This one is a single stamp called "You Old Fart". 

See the folding in the background?  I cut those with a craft knife following a pattern, then folded to achieve that look.

Again, this bookmark is more meant for guys to use, so there are no flowers or swirls involved.  I tried to make the design as simple as possible, using minimal embellishments so as not to leave dents on book pages.  The book you see is actually being read by DH at the moment, and I thought this bookmark is perfect for him to use (definitely no pun intended!).   The colors I used actually matched the cover of his book.

Catch you all next week!


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