Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Mary here, with a card to share today. I have been looking forward to breaking out this stamp since it came to live with me and now I have the perfect opportunity! A friend of mine has been under the weather and needs a little pampering so this is perfect for her!

Don't you just love sweat pants days? I think we can all use them every once in awhile!! Especially when you're feeling less than yourself.

I used felt for the area at the bottom of the card separated by two bands of saddle stitched ribbon. This reminded me of the feel of sweat pants, as well as the stripes they sometimes have along the leg. The sentiment, of course, just says it all! And on the inside?

A little treat to enjoy while you're hanging out in your sweats - a gift certificate for a new book for your Kindle! I haven't even been under the weather and I know I could use a goody like this!

That's all for me - I am off to enjoy a beautiful weekend! Happy Saturday (and Sunday) to you!


  1. Awesome card!! I love the felt and sewing on the card!! What a great way to use the sentiment!

  2. cool card!! I love how the felt makes your card match the sweatpants sentiment ...

  3. Neat card! I really like the colors you used on the card! Love sweat pant days! :)


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