Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breaking Who-Ville Action News

Sorry to interruput this blog, but we have breaking news from WHO-VILLE action news team.

Resident Michelle Johns-Who(# 3 Random numbers generated Dec 4 2011 at 14:57:26 by )
called Who-ville police late Saturday afternoon to report that a small dog had wandered into her garage looking for some  water. Michelle stated when she came back from fetching something for the little dog to drink, the dog was gone and a mysterious smelly patch of green fur lay on the floor where the dog had been. Who-ville police took a sample to the lab who did confirm the smelly fur belongs to THE GRINCH!
Michelle you have won the Prize DAY ONE grinch prize. Please email your mailing address information to Laura Lou Who All prizes will be delivered after the last day of the game.

To enter the game click here and follow the directions.

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