Friday, December 2, 2011

GRINCH GAME Begins Today with a HOP

GOOD morning fellow residents of Who-ville!
Welcome to another Creative Vision Design Team Themed Blog Hop. The hop today is VERY special because it is the team's final hop. PLUS we have a guest designer on the company blog PLUS Laura Lou Who goes LIVE with THING 1 and Whoville ACTION NEWS saturday 12-3-11 to announce the first Grinch sighting! Yes the GRINCH GAME begins TODAY!!

FIRST let's start the hop with our Guest Designer Lisa Fowler. Lisa won a guest designer spot on our last blog hop. Using the $10.00 gift certificate that came with the GD spot she purchased my JINGLE JANGLE set. Here is what she said and created for us!

"Thank you so much for letting me share my creations on your blog as a Guest Designer! I'm a homeschool mom and also work part time--and try to fit some craft time in everyday! I'm having so much fun with the Jingle Jangle stamp set that I got just for hopping along in the November blog hop. I was so inspired by all the Design Team's creations, the theme of the hop that day was tags, so the first item I made with my new stamp set was a tag. I just love this little Santa! I popped his head up and added flock to his beard and trim. I smile every time I see him. Then I made a card using the reindeer. The look on that reindeer's face just cracks me up! I think I probably get the same look when I'm putting up our Christmas lights! I have so many more ideas for this stamp set, I can't wait to get them done! Thanks, Laura, for the blog hop prize!"

What a great job Lisa did! Are these cute or what??
On with the hop...
Please visit the rest of the DT and show them some love, this is their last hop.
When you are done visiting the blogs, come back to play our GRINCH GAME!

_____________________________The Game Begins Here__________________________

Did you know The Grinch lives on snowy Mount Crumpit, a mountain north of friendly Who-ville. The Grinch keeps to himself, living only with his dog, Max. Characterized as having a heart "two sizes too small," the Grinch becomes annoyed by the sounds of Happy Who-Stampers.

BUT one Who-Stamper in particular bothered him more than any other, Laura Lou Who. The noise from her studio annoyed the Grinch all year long. It was a constant racket - with all her stamp, stamp, stamping.
The Grinch could take it no more. With an evil smile on his face he gathered his thoughts, and laid out a plan. He hitched up his sleigh and was soon on his Grinch Grinchy way.......


OBJECT: To help locate and capture the Grinch and recover all stolen property from Laura Lou Who's Stamp Studio.
REWARD: SLEIGH FULL OF BLOG CANDY (minus the sleigh, and minus an actual Grinch Toy) (minimum prize value $100.00, maximum prize value $500.00)

WHO CAN PLAY: USA and Canada residents only, sorry no other international players.
1. You must have your own crafting/stamping Blogger Blog so that you can become a Creative Vision Company blog follower, if you are not already. Only my blog followers can play the game.
2. Copy and Paste the game badge (located at the top right sidebar of this blog) to your own blog and attach the link back to this blog and the game  - A LINK BACK TO THE GAME IS REQUIRED and will be verified before your entry into the game is valid. The badge and the link must be placed towards the top of your blog's sidebar and remain active throughout the entire game December 2nd - December 9th, 2011. All participating links will be checked daily before each winner is announced. 
3. Add your blog link to the linky tool below this post so Laura Lou Who can verify your entry to the game.

Once you are entered, the GRINCH may visit your blog looking for a place to hide his stolen goods.
Will your blog be lucky enough to hold the GRINCH until the Whoville Police arrest him?? Be sure to visit this blog everyday starting tomorrow, to see where the GRINCH has been spotted. (this will be done by a random number generator based on the total number of verified game players) IF the GRINCH visits your blog, he will leave something special behind, just for you. YES, we have daily winners too! (All prized will be mailed at the end of the game)
4. Tell your fellow bloggers to join in the game. The more players, the bigger the prize.
  • Prize value begins at $100.00 and could include CCS stamp sets, various retail store gift certificates, tools, embellishments, and much much more. The prize value will increase by $25.00 with every 10 NEW CV blog followers. Maximum prize value is $500.00. One Lucky Grand Prize Winner to be announced at NOON Central time 12-09-11.
5. The game winner will be the last blog the Grinch visits and where he is arrested.
6. One entry per blog follower. Duplicate entries will be deleted. I reserve the right to change the rules or prizes of the game at anytime.

This is a photo of last year's final prize!

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Congrats Lisa - that card and tag are sooo adorable!

  2. Great job Lisa!! Congrats on the DT spot!

  3. I'm having a little trouble signing up with Mr. Linky. It tells me I need to have this backlinked but I do on my sidebar. Can someone please check it out and see what I am doing wrong? Here is my blog.

    Thanks so much for any help!

  4. Stacie try linking to a post on your blog, instead of just your entire blog. I think it will work then - laura

  5. Hey Laura...I just tried that and it still won't work. It wants me to have this ( in the linked to section but when I put that in there it still doesn't work. What else can I try?

  6. Stacie,

    I just had the same issue. The problem is the link in the post it tells you to use is a different link that what Mr. Linky requires you to use. If you copy the link that it gives you in the yellow box on the 'error message', then it will work (even in your side bar . . that's where I have mine too)

  7. Thanks Michelled! I fixed the post link, and it should work for everyone now.

  8. I think I got something to work this time...I ended up doing a separate post and that link worked. Smart of you to figure it out the proper way Michelle! Thanks!

  9. I hopped, I posted the Grinch photo, linking back here, but it won't let me link up :( Sorry, I tried!

  10. Yea!! I was so busy over the weekend, I didn't get to visit my favorite blogs! I posted and linked back to here!

  11. OOPS--I put wrong picture for badge yesterday--correct badge is on my sidebar now!

  12. i posted in sidebar and did a post - have entered twice because it doesnt show here..maybe I'm wanting to see it too soon (-:

  13. Those are such cute projects, Lisa! Congrats on the being the guest DT here. I agree....those faces make me smile too.

  14. I have tried ....and tried to link up but it won't let me.....I do have the game piece on my sidebar...

  15. I can't link either! Wonder if we should remove our blog links so others don't have the same problem? Fun hop though! Hope they can get it squared away!! Otherwise, those nine who got linked are super LUCKY!!!!! :-)

  16. Hi, I couldn't get it to link in Linky, so I got the bright idea that I need to put the link from here!! Wrong LOL So ,yes mine is the one with the link back to HERE!! Here is my blog link if someone could help me!!!

  17. Wow, what fun! I am new to this so hope I didn't it right:)

  18. I meant, hope I did it right...grey moment yet again!!!

  19. Crafters I will add you in the game myself if you have the badge and link back on your blog. Add a link to your blog here in the comments and I'll make sure you can play.

  20. Gloria, Cheri, Redwasher1, and Patti J - you all have been verified, and are in the game!


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