Monday, June 8, 2009

Red White and Blue Stars!

Hey everyone! With July coming up soon, it usually means one thing! Picnics and fireworks - at least here in the States! I wanted to do a fun little 4th of July project (and I know that you can really change this to be whatever you want -- graduations, promotions, whatever!)

I found that the O in the Stars Alphabet made a great pattern as well. I stamped that repeatedly on my acrylic piece and my red cardstock. If you take a closer look at the card, you'll also see that I have just stars... simply masked the O out and used just the star in the middle. Easy peasy! Makes this alphabet set super versatile! I know since everyone has tight budgets these days, versatility is key!

Ok, so I made my own little "test tube". Super easy! Just stamp your acrylic (really whatever paper you want - I just think acrylic is fun fun fun!) with whatever designs you so please and roll into a tube of sorts. Get your glue dots ready and seal the edges so that it stays in a tube form. Create fun little tops and bottoms with your paper and ta da! You can stuff it with all sorts of candies and goodies! Tied the top with a little ribbon and other fun embellishments.

I didn't stuff mine since the hubster ate all my red candies before this shot and I haven't had time to get to the store - but I also thought leaving it empty would give you the true view of the sides as well.

Leave a comment and let me know what crafty things you have in place for 4th of July! (Or Canada Day if you're Candian or tell me about your country's national holidays! I love hearing about it!)


  1. Nice job on the tube and card! Very creative. As to decorations, we have a flag that needs to be replaced and will hang that out between Flag Day and through July. Have a great night!

  2. I love this! It would be cute with red and white M&M's for Sweetest Day!!

  3. This is an awesome set! Great work Belinda!

  4. Awesome! What a cute set and VERY creative! I found you through your profile... hope you dont mind. Plus I'm adding the store to my blog... The store looks like it has a LOT of really neat things... :) YC

  5. Always love versatility!! Great project and I think this is the first time I've seen a tube made with acrylic. Oh hubby would eat all the candy before it could make it inside a project too! :>

  6. ooohh, I was totally thinking M&Ms to fill the tube as well! lol!! great job!!


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