Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Husband's Two Cents

When I designed the Turkey Day set, my husband was busy getting ready for his Elk hunting trip out west. Usually he reviews them all with me, and says "That's nice", or "That's funny", or something similar. He left before I finished designing that set, so he never got to see the final design. Last night while I was working on making some cards for a craft fair I will be in this weekend, he poked his head in and looked around. First comment "Wow honey, this room is a mess!". (with glue dots stuck to my fingers I was thinking no kidding, I am crafting - watch out for flying brads) Second comment while peeking over my shoulder was "You should stamp that on a napkin." I turned around with my mouth wide open, shocked at his idea, then started nodding my head in agreement.

I was working on a piece with the turkey image and the sentiment "First One Done Does Dishes". How funny would that be to stamp the turkey image and then that sentiment on a napkin. Well then the ideas starting flying back and forth between us and we got a good laugh out of it. My husband ran upstairs, grabbed a napkin and we tried it. TOO FUNNY!

I can just picture my dad at Thanksgiving wearing his new camo, smelling like deer scent, and picking up the napkin with that sentiment stamped on it. My dad usually won't even put his own food on his plate! My dad doing dishes? Now that is funny!

Another idea we came up with was to stamp the turkey image on the back of a paper plate. Kind of like a baby or wedding shower where whom ever has the X on the plate wins the door prize. Except in this situation, whom ever has the turkey does the dishes. This could work at Christmas too, if you serve turkey.

Sometimes a husband's two cents is worth a lot more!



  1. What a great story Laura! Love that sentiment and I intend to use this set with my table setting this year :o) Last year I started the tradition of having a place card/candy envelope in front of everyone's seat so that afterwards (while I cleaned the kitchen, mind you...) they went off and ate their fall colored wrapped candies. This set will be perfect for that! Love the first one done sentiment!!! :o) I will incorporate that one too...hee~hee...

  2. Sometimes Ron does come up with good ideas - OTHER than hunting!! lol

  3. so funny! I love the idea to stamp it on the bottom of the plate (we use Chinet for Thanksgiving but there are still a TON of dishes) and your husband is a sweetie...mine would point out my messy craft room (and I laughed with your comment back to him) but "quickly" keep moving!


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