Saturday, March 27, 2010

A2 Card box tutorial by Chelsea

Hello guys and dolls...thanks for tuning in for my tutorial for Creative Clear Stamps on how to make a cute little A2 gift box. Finished product will look something like this (I might add a little sentiment on the bottom right):

You will need:
1 sheet of 12x12 cardstock
paper cutter
scoring tool
score-tape or other strong adhesive
small magnets or velcro
embellies and stamps to decorate.

Your template will look like this (the numbers are how long to make your cuts).

You will cut on the black lines.

 Score on the red lines. If you plan on stamping this is probably your best time to do so.
Fold the flaps on the score lines like this
Adhere the front flap to the 2 side flaps
(Trim where needed) I've attached a circle with the cute little birdie from the Hello Hunny set and attached the magnet to the back of that.
 Add the magnets or velcro as I did above. Add ribbon and embellies as you wish.
Fill with A2 cards and envies and you have the cutest little gift.


  1. Thanks for another craft fair item idea!! I could whip these up super fast!

  2. Girl this is fantastic! Great idea, I will be making lots of these for all kinds of gifts!!!

  3. looks great thanks,,
    I love to dress up a gift with a special box.
    Carol N<><

  4. Okay, I just had to make one this morning!! Here it is

  5. Awww, Laura, great box! I think I like tucking the tab in even better then the flap. Would make it easier to decorate the front. Love it!

  6. Here is another one - OMGosh these are so fun to make!!

  7. great project chelsea yours turned out really cute. and great instructions too. im making one today :) thanks!

  8. Glad everyone liked the box...took me 3 to finally get the directions right so that the cards fit well.

  9. Fun little birdie box :) Chelsea


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