Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hold up your right hand and repeat after me.......

Happy Thursday stampers!

Well my craft room is CLEAN! My wonderful, beautiful, sweet, darling daughter Alicia cleaned and organized it for me. But she did make me swear to never get as messy as it was EVER AGAIN, cause next time she will not help me. Let me tell you, it was bad - and we found things I thought I had tossed out. But it is clean, and Alicia - I promise to keep it clean this time. (crossing fingers behind back)

I love making card purses, and filling them with cards! They make a great gift for friends and family. I am going to make some more for a baby shower, to give away as game gifts. Each purse fits about 3 - 4x6 cards, with envelopes.

Today I am sharing a card purse I made for my nana. Her 88th birthday is coming up, and I have included an assortment of greeting cards for her. All the cards match in color, with each one a different theme. Here is one of them.

I made a bunch of different ones at Christmas last year. I originally got the template from a tutorial on Split Coast. It is super easy to do, but does take some time. And I just love them!

Have a wonderful day my friends!


  1. Wow Laura - I love the purse thing you got going on!

  2. I love it, never made one but keep meaning to try! Congrats on getting your room clean, I cleaned mine wed but ya can't tell it now LOL


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