Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas in July!

Can you guess what this stamp is from? :D If you guessed Hooked on Fishing, you're right! I don't come from a very outdoorsy family - I think the closest I've come to fishing is poking at my goldfish at home. So I actually am not even sure what this ball boopy thing is for (Laura, stop laughing!). I thought about google-ing it but I didn't even know where to begin...

But after playing with it a little, I saw a Christmas ornament! So I ran with that idea. Isn't it fun though? I love that you can buy a Fishing set, using it during the summer and then pull it out for some fun Christmas cards. Hah. Talk about versatility right? (I know I kinda hammer that phrase in every post but it's so true!)

I embossed the little "ball boopy thing" (yes that's a technical term) in silver and then cut them out. I also punched a small snowflake, covered it with a little glitter and then added a gem in the middle. Added some silver string for my ornaments to hang on! Isn't that just plain fun? On my overall card piece, I added some scoring to give it some texture.

What else do you think the "ball boopy thing" could be? ;-)


  1. LOL love it! What a great guy's x-mas card!

  2. Belinda, you are awesome! I'm not outdoorsy either and I don't know what that ball boopy thing is called either or what it's used for! LOL Laura probably laughs at both of us!Thanks for the idea!

  3. ok, don't take this the wrong way, but when you say "ball boopy thing" i was laughing so hard that i'm crying.
    great stretch on the stamps...if you don't know what to do with the fishing thing, the mind as well turn it into something you know...

    btw, that is a fishing bobble.

  4. OK Belinda, blow me over! This is a great idea. I would never have come up with that but love how this turned out! You are one creative stamper!


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